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About Mobility Cup

Mobility Cup 2010 - Vancouver, BC

Once again the Mobility Cup returned to the sheltered waters of English Bay - it was last here in 2006. This time around 36 sailors competed,19 in Gold Fleet and 17 in Silver. Together they represented four countries: Canada, USA, England and New Zealand.

Infuriatingly, flat weather struck the same fleet two days running - Silver sailed each time, but the Gold Fleet was becalmed. However, organizers managed to fit the Gold Fleet races into the last day.

There was a memorable meeting with a face from the past - the original Sunbird, which was used to start the whole Canadian sailing program, and with it the Mobility Cup, had been restored and put on display at the event. The boat, Iron Lady, was on her way to the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

Trophy winners:

Mobility Cup | Merle Hickey, Calgary, AB

Coupe Dallaire | Hafsa Chaar, Montreal, QC

Sam Sullivan Trophy | Terry LeBlanc, Vancouver, BC

Daren Tucker Award | Gerry Burns, Vancouver, BC


Race Results:

Gold Fleet


Silver Fleet

1 Merle Hickey Calgary, AB
2 Robb Lawrence Calgary, AB
3 Christine Lavallee  Gatineau, QC
4 Pierre Richard  Montreal, QC
5 Marc Villeneuve  Laval, QC
6 David Heiland Calgary, AB
7 Terry LeBlanc Vancouver, BC
8 Andrew Hunt Vancouver, BC
9 John Buchanan Auckland, New Zealand
10 Judi Figgures Cambridge, UK
11 Wayne Phillips Vancouver, BC
12 George Wang Richmond, BC
13 Dave Symington  Vancouver, BC
14 Ann Kennedy Toronto, ON
15 Rene Dallaire Montreal, QC
16 Rod Mack Victoria, BC
17 Bob MacDonald Vancouver, BC
18 Ron Newman Regina, SK
19 Bryan Doehler Brampton, ON
1 Hafsa Chaar Montreal, QC
2 Claire Adams Brighton, ON
3 Sara Cooper Calgary, AB
4 Karell Regnier Gatineau, QC
5 Phillip Lepage Valleyfield, QC
6 Mike Carpenter Victoria, BC
7 Mary Causton-Budac Victoria, BC
8 Pierre -Yves Levesque Montreal, QC
9 Linda McGowan New Westminster, BC
10 Sue Taetzsch San Diego, CA
11 Gerry Burns Vancouver, BC
12 Alan Nicolls Ancaster, BC
13 Judith Kowalesky San Diego, CA
14 Jody Schloss Toronto, ON
15 Thomas Webb Regina, SK
16 Judy Winship Regina, SK
17 Angus McTavish Bowen Island, BC