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About Mobility Cup

Mobility Cup 2009 - Toronto, ON

The largest Mobility Cup held in recent years, with 47 sailors over three fleets – it’s probably second in size only to the 2001 event, with a staggering 58 participants!

Held in Toronto, it included the 2.4 Metre North American Championships in conjunction with the Mobility Cup. The 2.4mR is the single person discipline for the upcoming 2012 and 2016 Paralympic Games.

It followed on from an all-weekend free race clinic, and included a day’s practice and four of racing.

Mobility Cup 2009 chairmen Danny McCoy, Jeff Levine and Drew Robertson wrote: “Ten years ago in the summer of 1999, The Mobility Cup came to Toronto and left in its wake the Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario and moreover what has become the country’s largest sailing program for persons with a disability.

“We are so proud to be able to look back at an amazing decade of being the sole providers of full time access to Toronto’s waterfront and the sport of sailing to the Disabled community of the Greater Toronto Area.”

Trophy winners:

Mobility Cup | Robb Lawrence, Calgary, AB

Coupe Dallaire | Jennifer Smith , Belleville, ON

Sam Sullivan Trophy | Chris Loscerbo, Chemainus, BC

Daren Tucker Award | Kevin Penny, Halifax, NS


Race Results:

Gold Fleet


Silver Fleet

1 Robb lawrence Calgary, AB
2 Cam Perry Ancaster, ON
3 Audrey Kobayashi Kingston, ON
4 Pierre Richard Montreal, QC
5 Erick Poirier Repentigny, QC
6 Wayne Phillips Richmond, BC
7 Bryan Doehler Brampton, ON
8 Rene Dallaire Montreal, QC
9 Helen Dam Hamilton, ON
10 Chris Loscerbo Chemainus, BC
11 Alex Gratton Toronto, ON
12 Pierre Boudreau Halifax, NS
13 Sofia Kanibolotskaia Toronto, ON
14 Lance Hinrichs Falls Church, VA
15 Johanne Daly Varennes, QC
16 Chris Atkin Basildon, Essex, UK
17 Hans van Leening Kelowna, BC
18 Rod C Mack Victoria, BC
19 Ronald Newman Regina, SK
20 Darcy Attas Toronto, ON
1 Jennifer Smith Belleville, ON
2 Dean Rogers Montreal, QC
3 Kevin Rogers Toronto, ON
4 David Fleet Stoneham, QC
5 Barbara Joan Haig Toronto, ON
6 Kevin Penny Hammonds Plains, NS
7 Thomas Webb Regina, SK
8 David Whelan New York, NY
9 Robert Klein II Washington, DC
10 Edward Segovia Oakville, ON
11 John Angrove Whitby, ON
12 David Helsby Toronto, ON
13 Shawn Meeks Peterborough, ON
14 Jody Schloss Toronto, ON
15 Michael Townsend Lakefield, ON
16 Judy Winship Regina, SK
17 Darlene Abraham Toronto, ON
18 ROBIN Saunders Toronto, ON
19 Jason Darby Hamilton, ON

Liberty Fleet

1 Rick Watters Pickering, ON
2 Satwant Guron Toronto, ON
3 Al Nicolls Ancaster, ON
4 Kevin Glachen Oakville, ON
5 Allen Kippen Toronto, ON
6 Joan Lewis Toronto, ON
7 John Wallace San Jose, CA
8 Lisa Harris Burlington, ON