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About Mobility Cup

Mobility Cup 2007 - Halifax, NS

The Harding Medical Mobility Cup sailed into Halifax, Nova Scotia in August 2007. This was the first time in the event’s 20-year history that the Mobility Cup has been held in Atlantic Canada.

It was held at Dartmouth Yacht Club, with sailing in the vicinity of Wright's Cove in Halifax Harbour.

Forty competitors from across Canada, United States, England and New Zealand raced Martin 16 sailboats for four days in two fleets.

For a variety of reasons – most likely a warm welcome and a staggeringly beautiful area – this seems to be a particularly memorable event.

Mobility Cup 2007 - Halifax, NS

Trophy winners:

Mobility Cup racing

Mobility Cup | Robb Lawrence, Calgary, AB

Coupe Dallaire | Rod Mack, Victoria, BC

Sam Sullivan Trophy | Chris Loscerbo, Chemainus, BC

Daren Tucker Award | Helen Dam, Hamilton, ON


Race Results:

Gold Fleet


Silver Fleet

1 Rob Lawrence Calgary, AB
2 Judith Figgures Huntington, GB
3 Heather Robertson Chester, NS
4 Aaron Wong-Sing Ottawa, ON
5 Pierre Richard
6 Wayne Phillips Richmond, BC
7 S Lutes
8 E Boudreau
9 Dean Sutherland Halifax, NS
10 Dale Keith Calgary, AB
11 L Hinrichs
12 Shelley Gautier Toronto, ON
13 Chris Atkin Essex, UK
14 Marc Landry Montreal, QC
15 J Toole
16 MacGregor
17 Rene Dallaire Montreal, QC
18 Terry LeBlanc Vancouver, BC
19 Ron Newman
20 D Backe
1 Rod Mack Victoria, BC
2 Katie Paialunga Orleans, ON
3 Helen Dam Hamilton, ON
4 P Boudreau
5 Christine Lavalle Gatineau, QC
6 Joanne Daly Montreal, QC
7 David Heiland Calgary, AB
8 Kevin Penny Halifax, NS
9 Linda McGowan New Westminster, BC
10 Jay Yang Toronto, ON
11 MacQuarrie
12 L Ladd
13 B Matheson
14 Daniel LeBlanc Vancouver, BC
15 Thomas Webb
16 S Dunn
17 J Stewart
18 Jody Schloss Toronto, ON
19 T Carroll