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About Mobility Cup

Mobility Cup 2005 - Calgary, AB

Mobility Cup 2005 was by the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta and the Glenmore Sailing Club, and held on Glenmore Reservoir, in Calgary, Alberta.

It built on the success of the 1997 event – the last time the Mobility Cup had been held in Calgary.

By the time of the 2005 event, the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta had been running 11 years and could proudly state: “Thousands of Albertans can say they’ve ‘Gone Sailing!’ through DSA-Alberta programs.

Something about the welcome that participants received made this a particularly memorable event; one that has been fondly recalled many years later.

Trophy winners:

Mobility Cup | Chris Everson, Orangevale, CA

Coupe Dallaire | Greg Rocque, Calgary, AB

Sam Sullivan Trophy | Rene Dallaire, Montreal, QC

Daren Tucker Award | Ron Newman, Regina, SK


Race Results:

Gold Fleet


Silver Fleet

1 Chris Everson Orangevale, CA
2 Merle Hickey Calgary, AB
3 Robb Lawrence Calgary, AB
4 Dale Keith Calgary, AB
5 Chris Atkin Essex, GBR
6 Graham Alvey Calgary, AB
7 Mark Lewis Hingham, MA
8 Adrian Sivell Toronto, ON
9 Marc Landry N.D. Ile-Perrot, QC
10 Wayne Phillips Richmond, BC
11 Rene Dallaire Montreal, QC
12 John Babuik Calgary, AB
13 Audrey Kobayashi Kingston, ON
14 Judi Figgures Cambridgeshire, UK
15 Nigist Sewnnet Toronto, ON
16 Chris Loscerbo Chemainus, BC
17 Ann Kennedy Toronto, ON
18 Dave Heiland Calgary, AB
19 Gary MacDonald Calgary, AB
20 Ron Newman Regina, SK
1 Greg Rocque Calgary, AB
2 Rod Mack Victoria, BC
3 Doug Baylis Killarney, MB
4 Mark Godfrey Bonita, CA
5 Richard Dionne Moncton, NB
6 Patrick Hebert Montreal, QC
7 Pierre-Yves Levesque Montreal, QC
8 Richard Breen Port Burwell, ON
9 Shelley Gautier Toronto, ON
10 Katie Gerke Calgary, AB
11 Thomas Webb Regina, SK
12 Wilson Verheyen Toronto, ON
13 Jody Schloss Toronto, ON
14 Mary Jayne Schaefer Wildwood, MO
15 Peter Steel Victoria, BC
16 Keith Stephens Calgary, AB
17 Michael McKay Toronto, ON
18 Amy Kelehan Dublin, Ireland
19 Michael Huck Regina, SK