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About Mobility Cup

Mobility Cup 1999 - Toronto, ON

Mobility Cup grew again, involving 61 sailors – each handling a Martin 16 – sailing in Toronto, ON

Only the ninth ever event, it featured an adaptive sailing symposium, followed by one day’s on-the-water practice and then four day’s racing. The International Disabled Sailing Symposium, led by the Canadian Yachting Association, considered all aspects of developing sailing opportunities for people with disabilities.

Billed as “the largest and most international fleet assembled to date,” it featured competitors from Canada, USA, Bermuda, Australia and Portugal.

Trophy winners:


Mobility Cup | Danny McCoy, Toronto, ON

Coupe Dallaire | Brenda Poole, Toronto, ON

Sam Sullivan Trophy | Chris Loscerbo, Chemainus, BC


Race Results:

Gold Fleet


Silver Fleet

1 Danny McCoy Toronto, ON
2 Zoltan Pegan Sydney, Australia
3 John McRoberts Victoria, BC
4 Campbell Perry Ancaster, ON
5 Graham Alvey Calgary, AB
6 Brent Foote Delta, BC
7 Merle Hickey Calgary, AB
8 Dale Keith Calgary, AB
9 Lee Buratti Costa Mesa, CA
10 Hans van Leening Kelowna, BC
11 Wayne Phillips Vancouver, BC
12 Herb Meyer Larkspur, CA
13 Bob Jones Issaquah, WA
14 Bruce Miller Hudson Park, ON
15 Jamie Whitman Delta, BC
16 Jeremy Watney Victoria, BC
17 Scott Wilson Calgary, AB
18 Ken Bartell Vancouver, BC
19 Chris Loscerbo Chemainus, BC
20 Tom Parker Ottawa, ON
21 Mark Evju Santa Rosa, CA
22 Laura Dawn Bollen Vancouver, BC
23 Debbie Donald Toronto, ON
24 Graham Rayner Sydney, Australia
25 Carole Miles Landmark, MN
26 Rob Battilana Kelowna, BC
27 Nancy Graver Lemont, IL
28 Martine St Yves
29 Patrick Standen Burlington, VT
30 Sam Sullivan Vancouver, BC
31 Paul Girvin Nepean, ON
1 Brenda Poole Toronto, ON
2 Alice Tidwell Oroville, CA
3 Jack Robertson San Diego, CA
4 John Kucan Niagra-on the-Lake,ON
5 Sandy Bartols Montgomery, IL 
6 Patrick Hebert Montreal, QC
7 Thomas Franklin Miami, FL
8 G Becker
9 Mark Landry N.D. Ile-Perrot, QC
10 J Monk
11 Joseph Guay Newport, RI
12 Donna DeMarest Waterbury, CT
13 David Whalen Scotia, NY
14 Robb Lawrence Calgary, AB
15 Han Tacoma Don Mills, ON
16 Amy Scaramuzzino Rochester, NY
17 Karen Bergsteinsson Etobicoke, ON
18 Katie Gerke Calgary, AB
19 Ed Thompson Calgary, AB
20 Joe Coughlin Victoria, BC
21 Dorn Roch Mississauga, ON
22 Alexander Mitchell Flatts, Bermuda
23 George Simspon Ottawa, ON
24 Z Ferreira
25 Alnoor Nanji North York, ON
26 John Merritt Buffalo, NY
27 Darren Tucker Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
28 Edward Tyrell Toronto, ON
29 Peter Hudson Long Beach, CA
30 Jay Stagg Clearwater, FL