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About Mobility Cup

Mobility Cup 1998 - Vancouver, BC

Mobility Cup returned to its birthplace, Vancouver, BC, for the 1998 event. This was the most international regatta to date, with 30 competitors from Australia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, the US and, of course, Canada.

It featured seminars for competitors inspired to go home and start their own programs, held in “the Mobility Cup tent” throughout the event.

The 1998 event is memorable for featuring the first ever all Martin 16 fleet.

Trophy winners:

Mobility Cup | Danny McCoy, Toronto, ON

Coupe Dallaire | Merle Hickey, Calgary, AB

Sam Sullivan Trophy | Rene Dallaire, Montreal, QC


Race Results:

Gold Fleet


Silver Fleet

1 Danny McCoy Toronto, ON
2 Paul Tingley Victoria, BC
3 John McRoberts Victoria, BC
4 Wayne Teagle Five Dock, NSW, Australia
5 Brent Foote Delta, BC
6 Zoltan Pegan North Rocks, Australia
7 Jeremy Watney Victoria, BC
8 Borys Majdecki Kelowna, BC
9 Hans Van Leening Kelowna, BC
10 Roy Crawford Victoria, BC
11 Dale Keith Calgary, AB
12 Herb Meyer Larkspur, CA
13 Peter Steel Victoria, BC
14 John Babuik Calgary, AB
15 Scott Wilson Calgary, AB
16 Rene Dallaire Montreal, QC
17 Jose Rui Marques Porto, Portugal
1 Merle Hickey Calgary, AB
2 Joe Coughlin Victoria, BC
3 Bob MacDonald Vancouver, BC
4 Wayne Phillips Richmond, BC
5 Carole Miles Winnipeg, MB
6 Brian MacDonald West Vancouver, BC
7 David Whalen Scotia, NY
8 Ed Thompson Calgary, AB
9 Terry LeBlanc Vancouver, BC
10 Bill McKenna Buffalo, NY
11 Chris Loscerbo Chemainus, BC
12 Jon Merritt Buffalo, NY
13 Carlos Seffans-Guzman Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
14 Laura Dawn Bollen Vancouver, BC
15 Chuck Kaiser Larkspur, CA
16 Rebecca Stanley Altamont, NY
17 Fay Schipper Cot-St-Luc, QC