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About Mobility Cup

Mobility Cup 1993 - Vancouver, BC

The four-day event held at Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver, saw racing by 28 competitors from across Canada and the US – with local Vancouver sailors in a minority.

The event is remembered for a world first – if featuring a (mouth operated) sip ‘n’ puff sailboat, which enabled high level tetraplegics to sail. This was the culmination of a two-year high-tech project to “include people with severe disabilities as active participants in our sailing program.” It was put through its paces that year by Larry Boden of Vancouver.

Trophy winners:

Gold Fleet winner | Dave Schroeder, Miami, FL

Silver Fleet winner| Charles Rosenfield, East Woodstock, CT

Top sip 'n puff sailor | Larry Boden, Vancouver, BC


Race Results:

Gold Fleet


Silver Fleet

1 Dave Schroeder Miami, FL
2 Brent Foote Delta, BC
3 Sandy Duff Toronto, ON
4 Jamie Whitman Vancouver, BC
5 Carwile LeRoy Chapel Hill, NC
6 Dona Demarest Watertown, CT
7 Roy Crawford Victoria, BC
8 Graham Todd  Victoria, BC
9 Greg Jacobs Chico, CA
10 Ken Bartel Vancouver, BC
11 Bob Jones Seattle, WA
12 Sam Sullivan Vancouver, BC
1 Charles Rosenfield East Woodstock, CT
2 Ken Kelly Victoria, BC
3 Ken Wright Vancouver, BC
4 Paul Brown Seattle, WA
5 Hans Van Leening Kelowna, BC
6 Darlene Jackman Halifax, NS
7 Larry Boden Vancouver, BC
8 Laimons Plumite Edmonton, AB
9 Bob Melandon Dieppe, NB
10 Alex Robertson Vancouver, BC
11 George Simpson Ottawa, ON